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14 – 02 – 2013 – Dr. Martha is a very patient women. I have seen my fair share of Dentist & Implant specialist in my time and Dr. Martha is clearly one of the best. Her staff not only made me feel comfortable but worked with me financially. During the course of my treatment at her clinic I was well received and well taken care of. I am not brave when it comes to having needles in my mouth but was reassured every time. My brave came out Great! All I can say to her and her kind staff is Thank you! They truly have made a difference.

Carol Knights

27 – 03 -2013 – I am one of the many people who have never gone to a dentist , I have put off going to the dentist for multiple reasons… Soooo… I decided to visit Dental Care in Marbella, the dentist is thorough and direct. She asks you about your dental history and then recommends how to proceed without pressuring you in to anything before you know the costs. ANYWAY. Dr. Laguilavo is friendly, and personable. I will be coming back to see her as my general dentist.

John Faithful
Living in Marbella

18 – 03 -2013 – Going to an Dentist is like going to a car mechanic. You don’t REALLY know what’s going on so you put your trust in these professionals. Like the auto-mechanic industry – the dental industry can be very shady and I’ve learned that the hard way. After going to different dentist – I finally found a good, trustworthy, knowledgeable dentist in Dr. Martha Laguilavo. The receptionist is super friendly and the 6 month call me reminders are easy and helpful. Dr. Martha Laguilavo takes time with me and explains the xrays to me. Instead of declaring my mouth filled with cavities, like other dentists have, she waits and monitors the problem areas and talks to me about a plan. I’ve never had to fill a cavity while coming to Dental Care. My visits are super quick, painless and informative! Clean Dental Clinic with a great vibe.

Ann Cohen

08 – 04 – 2013 – My experiences at dental Clinics have been very stressful and unprofessional. I have never encountered such a professional and efficient front desk person like the one at this Clinic. She explained insurance benefit and treatment very patiently and warm. As for Dr Laguilavo very knowledgeable and gentle. Loved her cleaning. I highly recommend this clinic. She is wonder full. Thanks Guys.

Karen Janssens
From Amsterdam Holland

21 – 04 – 2013 – Dr. Martha is a very good dentist, and like another reviewer said, really honest. She is clear about what is going on and how much services cost. Further, if she thinks something is out of the range of her expertise, she’ll happily refer out to a specialist instead of trying to take on the work herself like sometimes other dentists do. I have been seeing her for about 2 years now, and have recommended other satisfied friends in the neighborhood to her and they are very happy too. Again thanks a lot.

David Cook

06 – 05 – 2013 – She is GREAT! I’ve finally found a great dentist in my area who doesn’t try to push unnecessary procedures on you. Quick. Polite. Clean. Close. not crazy expensive. Thank you!


30 – 05 – 2013 – Dear, I want to thank u for the work that u did for me, i come especially from belgium and i didnt regret at all, it was an honor to meet a doctor like u… THE treatment was wonderful and the quality is top!! So Many thanks!!!

Dana Daus
Antwerpen Belgium

16 – 08 – 2013 – My emergency requirements were responded to promptly and efficiently. I will return there in the future.


27 – 08 – 2013 – I was very pleased with Dental Care Marbella. I was frightened of going to a new dentist, but I have received fantastic treatment and care. The price was reasonable. A very good experience.

Mrs. Banks

16 – 09 – 2013 – I was so afraid of the dentist before, I went to Dental Care Marbella where I meet Dr. Laguilavo, the clinic is so relax and the treatment did not hurt at all. This Dr. Is really the best!
Thank you again.

Nueva Andalucia

20 – 09 – 2013 – I went to 3 dentist before and they told me it was not possible to have implants because I did not have good bone, till I met Dr. Martha from Dental care. She did the implants and I have my crowns already more than 6 months, I can eat and smile like before.
I write this just to thank you again and I recommend you to every one I know.

San Petro

30 – 09 – 13 – I have just one word for Dental Care «great»


01 – 10 – 13 – I just want to thank you for the wonderful treatment, and I will come for sure again.

P. Singer

04 – 10 – 13 – Dear Dr it was the first time at your clinic and not the last time. Thank you for the good care.

Nueva Andalucia

07 – 10 – 13 – My overall experience with Dental Care was excellent; from the minute I walked through the door until I left, I was warmly received, all my questions were answered, every staff member was kind, there was laughter, no judgement about the length of time it had been since I had seen a dentist, everyone was professional yet not too «formal», if going to the dentist can be pleasureable, this is the place to go! I’d recommend Dental Care to anyone!

A. Elabid

10 – 10 – 13 – This clinic is great! Friendly, and helpful. The first time I walked in I was very comfortable and that’s a good feeling in a dentist clinic! Dr. Martha did a great job on my teeth. I’m extremely pleased with my new look. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dentist.

Nuevo Andalucia

14-10-13 – It has been my experience that Dr. Laguilavo and her staff have been the most caring of all clinics that I have attended. I especially appreciate painless dentistry. Throughout the years, these things have not changed.


04 – 12 – 2013 – Dr. Martha is a very compassionate Dentist… She went of her way to ensure comfort and pain relief were achieved. Following the procedure she called that evening to ensure that all was well. In follow up appointments she was very thorough and concerned and made sure that we were secure with her treatment. I don’t believe you could find a better dentist anywhere! Thank you Dr. Martha for your genuine care and concern.

La Zagaleta

09 – 12 – 2013 – I found the staff to be extremely friendly and helpful. I received gentle and calming care for my crown prep. They understood my fears and help to alleviate any nerves I had. They constantly made sure my pain was minimal or nonexistent. I would highly recommend this dental clinic they make you feel comfortable and at ease.
Puerto Banus

18 – 12 – 2013 – I drive 40 minutes to Dental Care Marbella and I have no complaints about my drive because the personnel that works at the clinic are extraordinary. I have never been to a dentists clinic where they put my needs first and they listen to what I have to say regarding what is being done. After all, I am the one that’s having their teeth done. Maybe if more dentists listen to their patients and are more accommodating, like your organization, there would be less people hesitant about seeing a dentist.

26 – 12 – 2013 – Yesterday I had my final check-up for the recent dental implant procedure consisting of two implants with a bridge and write to express how satisfied and pleased I am with the treatment, service and result. Originally, Dr. Martha was approached to insert one dental implant but after the first consultation she made the decision to have removed a suspect tooth and have two implant with a bridge. A wise decision, I can now confidently smile again and enjoy eating. The new teeth look and feel natural due to the wonderful work of Dr. Martha to whom I am extremely grateful. Thanks again and a happy new year to you all.

30 – 12 – 2013 – I would not hesitate to recommend Dental Care for their professionalism, service, friendliness and efficiency. To anybody considering an implant or implants I would say that the whole procedure is painless and the result is great, far better than the normal dentures, (“false teeth”). If in the future I am in need of replacement teeth I would have no hesitation in returning to Dental Care.
Judith Green

03 – 01 – 2014 – Now that my treatment to insert 7 dental implants is complete, I felt I should write to extend my compliments and gratitude to doctor Martha and all the nursing staff who participated in my treatment. Doctor Martha is an excellent dental surgeon who kept me informed of the progress of my treatment throughout and ensured that I was not caused any un-necessary distress. I was always extended respect and courtesy by all the staff. I am delighted with the results of my treatment and will not hesitate to recommend Dental Care Marbella to anyone who should express interest.
Jane Cook
San Petro

08 – 01 – 2014 – Dr. Martha an her team were FANTASTIC! I had a root canal yesterday and I’m legitimately not in pain. They made sure to explain everything to me. They were great!!! Thanks again.

14 – 01 – 2014 – ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! I had an appointment with Dr. Martha and I have to say she really is the most friendliest dentist ever!!
She knows exactly what shes doing and my treatment was completely pain free without any medication, and still has VERY reasonable prices!!
Without a doubt Dr Martha is my new dentist!! i would definitely recommend!! 🙂
Steve Chapmann

22 – 01 – 2014 – I was always scared to go to the dentist. My friend invited me to meet Dr Laguilavo. My first visit was so relaxing. The treatment I’ve received was painless and the service very friendly, which I could not believe it such a friendly service.
Dr Laguilavo is the best dentist and very professional.

03 – 02 – 2014 – I am happy to recommend Dr. Martha. She explains things carefully and thoroughly. Her staff are friendly and efficient. All in all, dealing with her has always been a pleasant experience, and I don’t think that you will do better.
Silvie Saunders

06 – 02 – 2014 – Excellent dentist, very professional and efficient. Dr. Martha discussed all the treatment options, related cost and time involved with me at length during my initial free consultation. The clinic was very neat, clean and well illuminated, probably one of the best dental clinics I have ever visited.
I had been wearing a removable denture for sometime and was referred to them by a friend who had gotten a dental implant done from Dr. Martha previously, I got two dental implants and a few fillings done from her. I was very comfortable throughout the treatment. After 4 months of my first visit, I visited her again to get teeth placed on the implants. I am now able to eat very comfortable and don’t have to worry about taking these teeth out.
Nueva Andalucia

14 – 02 – 2014 – I want to express my deepest thanks and gratitude for my experience with you and Dental Care. From Day One I have been treated with the utmost courtesy and care. The implant process has been painless and I dare say pleasant. Thank you for your professionalism and expertise. I would highly recommend Dental Care and you to anyone in need of implants at an exceptionally reasonable rate.

Francis Jackson

18 – 02 – 2014 – Dr. Martha laguilavo has the hands of an angel. I only wish I’d found her sooner! I needed an implant and was happily surprised on how painless she made my whole experience. Her down to earth and demeanor, good humor made me feel comfortable and at east. I definitely will recommend Dr. Martha laguilavo to anyone who needs an honest and great dental implant dentist!


19 – 02 – 2014 – I came from England and I know that I came a long distance to see Dr. Laguilavo for my implants but it was well worth it. Her reputation preceeded her and after I met her I knew I made the right choice. After they were placed, I went back to England and returned 3 months later for Dr. Laguilavo to restore them with permanent crowns. They were comfortable from the start. It was a pleasure to get rid of my partial. Thanks again Dr. Laguilavo.


22 – 05 – 2014 – Same as a lot of people I travelled from the UK to see Dr Martha Laguilavo. The trip was well worth it! From start to finish the whole procedure of teeth whitening and a replacement crown was effortless, the team are great and the service was impeccable. I would like to say thank you again to Dental Care for your excellent work. Highly recommended!

Essex UK
Brandon Tobias

20 – 07 – 2014 – I would like to say big Thanks to Dr. Martha Laguilavo for the work she has done for me. I would recommend to everybody to visit DENTAL CARE, because Dr.Martha Laguilavo has gold hands and a heart of gold and she’s very professional. I have always felt confident and calm in her clinic. So many thanks to all the clinic staff for their professionalism and excellent work!

Nueva Andalucia
Galina Gerasimova

22 – 07 – 2014 – I had dental implants. Dr. Laguilavo and her staff did an excellent job on my dental implants. I was so unsure of who to use to do my implants or dentures. I wanted my teeth to be perfect! Your mouth/smile is everything! Alot of times dentures look fake or your smile dosen’t look right. I was scared about implants. After everything was said and done, Perfect! They are absolutely beautiful! She was very gentle and informative throughout the process. I’m so glad I chose her to do the surgery. I have a movie star mouth and will recommend her to everyone.


24 – 07 – 2014 – I started going to Dr. Martha in the fall of 2013. I am deathly afraid of the dentist and needed serious work done. Dr. Martha is very personable in our initial consultation, even made me laugh. Within several visits she had my teeth looking and feeling good. Also she reduced my anxiety and made each visit very comfortable. If you have a fear or phobia or dentists, Dr. Martha will erase any that you may have.

Denise de Groot
Nueva Andalucia

24 – 07 – 2014 – Dr. Laguilavo and her staff are amazing! The clinic is very modern and sqeaky clean. I am always greeted by name when I arrive by the friendly staff. Dr. Laguilavo is very professional and works hard to make sure her patients are comfortable and happy with their results.

Puerto Banus

28 – 07 – 2014 – Dear Dr. Laguilavo,
It was a pleasure to have you do my dental work. You and your staff are professional, efficient, timely, and caring. I was in such a quandary when I realized just how much work I needed to have done. Having visited other dentists, I spent many sleepless nights before I was fortunate to have come to your clinic. I feel so lucky that I made the right decision to select you to be my dentist. Now that the work is completed, I have a reason to smile, and I do, often.

Your patient and devoted fan, Jennifer.

P.S. Did I mention it was all painless?


29 – 07 – 2014 – Dr. Martha laguilavo is by far the best dentist I”ve been to in my sixty-plus years. My implants and crowns are of the highest quality. The previous fears and anxiety I experienced about dental procedures have been alleviated by her gentleness and willingness to address my concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Martha laguilavo to everyone in need of implant surgery or general dental skills.

Ann Simon

01 – 08 – 2014 – I sincerely appreciate the thoughtful and courteous care that I have always received in working with Dr. Laguilavo and her staff over the past year. Dr. Laguilavo skill and expertise made a beautiful difference in my mouth and smile. Many thanks!.


06 – 08 – 2014 – I have never written anything positive about a dentist or the experience I have had at the dentist, so this is a first and truly deserving! I started out having not so nice looking teeth, yellow and crooked; I couldn’t brush or floss enough. As I got older I tried to avoid going not only because I was scared and hated the dreaded needle, but cost. Then when I needed dental care, I received VERY bad care, one dentist broke a tooth but did not fix it, then the next one laughed and said not even dentures where possible, hopeless right? Well no. I knew I needed lots of care, started searching the internet and found Dr. Martha.

First off she didn’t laugh, BIG PLUS, then she said I can help you, and she did. I have always laughed and love to smile but was embarrassed because my teeth looked so bad, now I smile bigger and feel more confident about myself. I wish I had done this sooner, what a difference a really GOOD dentist can do. Dr. Martha and her staff are wonderful, and make your visit comfortable and well worth your time and money!!! Dr. Martha, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Charles Diego

13 – 08 – 2014 – What a great service! Being probably the most scared person imaginable for any dental treatment, Marta is very reassuring with painless treatments, and a fast, comfortable service at short notice. Will recommend her to everyone, as without any question the BEST treatment I have ever had from a dentist based in Europe. Thank you so much Marta and everyone at Dental Care for your kind good value and painless service.

Gary Benet
Puerto Plata

28 – 08 – 2014 – I have been a patient of Dr Matha for more than 3 years now and had filling’s, crowns,root canal and an implant. I am very happy to recommend Dr Martha as I have always received excellent care and consideration..

Ray Carter

02 – 09 – 14 – Been going to this clinic for 2 years and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. Every staff member should be commended for their friendliness and professionalism as well as putting people at ease through an uncomfortable situation. Thank you, Dr. Laguilavo.

Brain Smith

04 – 09 – 14 – I have been afraid of dentists all my life. It wasn’t until becoming a patient of Dr. Laguilavo that it changed. Dr. Laguilavo is a talented dentist. She is knowledgeable, considerate and gentle. Her staff is also considerate and patient-oriented. Now, when I go to this dentist clinic I know I will laugh while my teeth get the best care.


04 – 09 – 14 – Dr. Martha and all of her staff make it their personal goal to give you the very best of modern technology to ensure you have a healthy beautiful smile! The entire clinic makes you feel like your the most important person in the world!

Vincent Israel

08 – 09 – 14 – I’m not a big fan of going to the dentist. Never had a root canal before. I was very nervous. Dr. Laguilavo was top! She explained everything, even showed me the photos and explained what they showed. Isabel (her assistant) was awesome also, as well as the receptionist. Overall great experience with an unpleasant situation. I can’t imagine a root canal ever being fun, but this was pleasant, under the circumstances.

Marion van Zanten
Amsterdam-living in San Petro

09 – 09 – 14 – I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your staff. I am so very happy with my results so far. You are everything I thought you would be. You are talented, professional and kind. You made my smile beautiful. I only wish I didn’t have to wait until I was 50 to get this all done. But then again what a great way to start the second half of my life. I can’t wait to get the rest done!


13 – 09 – 14 – Dr. Laguilavo has always looked out for my welfare and dental health before anything else. Her total focus is on the individual and their needs and what brought them to her clinic. I am almost embarrassed to say it but on my most recent visit I went to sleep while she was filling a cavity and working on a tooth. I am not sure what more you can say about how gentle and caring she is! She is the best I have found!

Johan Verbiest

16 – 09 – 14 – I have had fillings, crowns, root canals, and implants with Dr. Laguilavo . All or most have been without discomfort or pain. Can’t get any better than that!

Fernando Villa

18 – 09 – 14 – Staff is very friendly and treat you like a whole person, not just a set of teeth. Dr. Laguilavo is wonderful. She takes time to explain all treatment options and answer questions. She goes beyond the basics, thinks about little details that you may not have thought about, but that may matter to you later. There are many dental clinics closer to my home, but I prefer the drive because I trust this dentist.


26 – 09 – 14 – I love the work that Dr. Laguilavo has done with my smile, and her desire to make sure her patients are comfortable and understand the procedure. I can smile with confidence for the first time in 35 years (my entire life). My husband is amazed at the result as well. I will recommend Dr. Laguilavo and her clinic to everyone I know, not only for cosmetic work but for regular dentist visits as well.

Vicky Meyer

29 – 09 – 15 – I was so happy to meet Dr. Martha Laguilavo from Dental Care Marbella on advise from a close friend.
One and a half year ago I went to a other dentist in Estepona for 7 implants because they were very cheap.
What a big mistake this was, one year ago where he put those implants really hurts and i went to Dr. Martha Laguilavo.
She took X-rays and showed me how bad they were done. I had a shock when I saw those X-rays. The week after she took all the implants out and put extra bone,3 months after she put the new European implants ( because the implants what I had before were Chinese ones ), and this time I did not feel anything.
Two months ago I have my crowns on them and they look and feel so much better than this other dentist did.
You see a lot of advertising from dentist for very cheap implants, my advice is if you don’t want to have the same what I had at this cheap dentist with his nice words, DON’T DO!!
Thank you again very much Dr. Martha Laguilavo for your help and your good service.


25 – 10 – 2015 – I had to have emergency root canal treatment by Dr. Martha. She and her team were excellent. I can highly recommend them.

Tony Kutner

26 – 01 – 2015 – As usual – a very efficient, painless services. If you have to visit the dentist (you have my sympathies) then «magic hands» and her team are great.

Mike Sykes

18 – 02 – 2016 – I had my first Botox treatment done last Christmas. I am very happy with the result and also with the service which I received at the clinic. It gave me the boost of confidence I was looking for and definitely would be back again for another treatment.


07- 02- 18 – I have complete confidence and respect for the work Dr Emanuel Blog has carried out for me. Over the past 4 years I have had Botox and Dermal Fillers and have been really pleased with the results.

He is an expert in his field and he carries out all his procedures in a professional capacity.

I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending his treatments to my friends and whoever wishes for any non-surgical treatments at his clinic.

Diane Kirkup

20- 02- 18 – We appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the very good work of Dr. Laguilavo!!

We will recommend Dentalcare to all our friends !

My husband had no teethpain after being in the practice!

I call you on Friday, whether we can come on Monday!

B+K Dehne

02 – 2018 – I chose to have my cheeks lifted with a dermal filler and I knew from experience from friends who are patients of Dr Blog that he was the man for the job! Amazing results. I’m so,so happy!


03 – 03 – 2018 – We have done Botox in England for more than 10 years, we moved to Estepona and wanted to try this clinic for a Botox treatment. The result was better that we had ever before,really incredible and no pain at all when Dr Emanuel Blog performed the treatment. We come back for sure.

Hillary and Nicholas.

03 – 04 – 2018 – I have had a couple of negative experiences with other practitioners in the past.However, I have seen Dr Blog on many occasions over the last 3 years for Botox and have always been very happy with the results, never over done, looks very natural, just better and rested appaerance. On my last visit I decided to try a dermal lip filler. Dr Blog promised I wouldn’t end up with dreaded trout pout. I’m very happy with the result, a subtle enhancement which gives lovely definition to the lips. Thanks again.

Louis Baker

07-04-2018 – I have had Botox and fillers many times at many different places. My visit with Dr Blog was amazing! Not
Only is Dr Blog an amazing person but he is an amazing artist at what he does. He was so knowledgeable and did an outstanding job on my lips and my Botox. I will never see anyone else but this doctor.


10-05-2018 I am a young man who has recently had cheek filler injections done with Dr Emanuel Blog and highly recommend his services.
I had never done it before, didn’t know where to go and also who to trust.
After weeks of extensive online research, I finally organised to meet him, an initial consultation which answered all my questions and concerns. A few weeks later, I met him again and had a first round of injections. I immediately liked the result and went back the following month for a few more. The final result is simply amazing as very natural, masculine and truly enhancing. I could not live without it now. I am very glad to have found Dr Emanuel Blog as I know I can trust with other treatments and again, highly recommend him.

Steve – Sotogrande

02-06-2018 I just love Dr Blog he is amazing at what he does and has so much confidence in his work that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Initially I was apprehensive about having my lips done given the media coverage of all these celebs with trout pouts etc but Dr Blog is so passionate about his work that he ensures he creates a classy look not the trouty trashy look …I feel so much more confident and I will definitely be seeing him again.

Deborah Cohen –

10-06-2018 I was a little nervous before my first treatment for BOTOX injections, however there was no need to be, Dr Emanuel Blog explained the whole process very clearly and put me at ease, there was never any pressure. I was given of time to consider if it was the right treatment for me. I went ahead and I am now a regular patient of Dr Emanuel Blog, he is simply amazing! My face is much younger and fresher but with a very natural look which is exactly what i wanted, I am so pleased with the results! I trust Dr Emanuel Blog completely, he is a TRUE professional and I highly recommend his services to anyone. Thank You Dr Emanuel Blog, I am overwhelmed with the results.

Helen CoverCasares

07-08-2018 I have just had a complete makeover in Dental Care Marbella. Martha is a fabulous dentist and left no stone unturned in giving the most perfect smile. I have long dreamed of this. Also Dr Emanuel Blog treated my face with dermofillers and botox thus giving me a whole new look. I feel and look younger. If you are thinking of having any crowns bridges or just a dental check up look no further than Martha. If you are unhappy at aging then look no further than Dr Emanuel Blog. Both will give brilliant results. I feel a new woman
Caroline Kist
Kapellen, Belgium

Caroline Kist

Kapellen, Belgium

14-09-2018 I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Emanuel Blog for the expertise with which he used dermal fillers in my face. I was very unhappy about aging lines that had appeared. After treatment by Dr Blog I feel rejuvenated and my face looks 10 yrs younger. Thank you so much

Marian Harris

Devon, UK